Monday, September 19, 2011

Times are changing!

I think we are all healing from our loss of Higgies.  I do not understand why but some things that I was so interested in I will now leave behind.  As much as I have loved growing roses, the time has come to down size the garden and make things a little easier.  I am thinking of taking out my really old rose bushes that just do not seem to preform well any how, and make a few succulant beds.  I will always grow roses but not to the extent that I was.
     Now its time to start thinking about how I am going to approach this revamp of my landscape.


Anonymous said...

Growing roses is something in our blood isn't it. We may down size, but always have 1 or 2 growing.. Ha. When you dig your minis and minifloras, send them my way! LOL

organicgardendreams said...

Happy to see you posting again, Stephanie! I am also glad to read that the loss of Mr. Higgins is starting to get a little less painful. I am curious to see what changes you will make to your garden. Getting rid of roses that don't perform well is certainly a good idea. I myself am moving in the opposite direction of down sizing. I just can't help it I have to order more roses!

steph_gem said...

I lost a few roses this year. It was really odd because it is roses that are in the ground. All the sudden a cane would be completely brown.