Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teddy Bear Miniature

Teddy Bear is such a unique color. The coloring is almost like a caramel toffee. I personally am really attracted to odd color flowers. I love the muted colors that some people might think ugly. This rose seems to have lost some of its vigor. It really pouted after I moved it from the original spot it was in.
My garden is becoming more difficult to grow things in the back yard because my neighbors have a 70 foot tall tree in a small urban yard. I can not even explain how angry this tree makes me. I must of pulled up over a 100 seedlings this year and every year its seems like there are more. This tree is so invasive and irresponsibly planted. Gahhh!!! OK I am better now..


Anonymous said...

This rose is new to me. Great color. Do you grow hot cocoa? It has a great coloring also. I feel your pain on the neighbors trees..... have a climbing rose bed that is now overshadowed by an ever increasing tree.... arggg

steph_gem said...

This rose was is hard to find now. Ever since nor east closed there is a real void in the mini rose world. I just have never been able to receive roses that were as robust and healthy. Back to the trees, even worse than the shade is the roots from the trees. I cant even dig in areas any more.