Friday, May 6, 2011


Honestly I have love hate relationship with my brugmansia's (angels trumpets). While they are beautiful and smell absolutely fabulous, they also end up with the worse spider mite infestations you can imagine. This year I have not even sprayed any horticulture neem oil or anything on them. I feel it is loosing battle and I am sure I could buy one of those 200 dollar bottles of spider mite killer but really, that's is overboard for me...
The other downside for these beauties is that they eat and eat and eat. They love fertile soil, so even constant amending of the soil is not optimum for these ladies. I know a lot of people make a special brew of beer, ammonia, tea tree oil,neem oil and fish emulsion. They spray every single day. I tried this last year for about two months. It was so time consuming, so now its the minimum once again. They need to stay moist, so watering is very important. Also anything under zone 9 they must be overwintered in a green house.
You may think oh man these are trouble, but it all goes away after that evening on the porch when that aroma hits you. Its just heavenly.
The yellow picture is jamies monkey business ( It has smaller trumpets that are really cute.
The Pink is a double pink is day dreams
The white is simply called double white


organicgardendreams said...

I was growing Brugmansias in the Bay Area and the spider mites problems weren't that bad, so I assume that they are caused here in San Diego by the low humidity that we have when the temperatures go up in spring. I am wondering if installing a misting system would help. In any case your brugmansia blooms look fantastic! I especially love the white one and am very tempted to get one in the future for my self.

steph_gem said...

There is a house in my area with a huge tree full of blooms. I keep meaning to take a walk there and ask what they are doing to make it such a beauty.

ru said...

Steph, I need to come and see your garden, you have absolutely beautiful flowers.