Saturday, June 28, 2008

more gardening

We recently went through a major heat wave last weekend. So all week long my garden was recovering. I cut off all the ugly friend blooms, to make way for the new beautiful fresh blooms. In my garden the june early July blooms are some of the best becuase we live very near the ocean. Becuase we live so close it is not uncommon for the sun to stay under fog until about 11am. No its warmer and the roses get more sun, so the color of the blooms is usually better.

Today I sprayed for fungus and gave a foliar feed. Banner Max for fungus, (available through rosemania) and grow more..... I dry to do this every 14 to 20 days. Nothing spoils a garden more than fungus. I usually dont spray for bugs, exept durring a catipellar invasion, then i will spray some bt....

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